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Garden Style Decorating

garden style decorating

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Lavender Garden Vintage Style Wire Wrapped Crystal Point Cut Prism Elongated Faceted Glass Teardrop Necklace

Lavender Garden Vintage Style Wire Wrapped Crystal Point Cut Prism Elongated Faceted Glass Teardrop Necklace

I fell in love with this lavender Crystal Point Cut Prism Elongated Faceted Glass Teardrop! I wrapped it in beautiful antiqued brass wire, added an antiqued bronze chain suspended by a brass filigree heart, lined with vintage lavender pearls and cream colored swarovski pearls, and an aluminum lavender flower. An antiqued key charm dangles from the chain. I decorated the top of the crystal with pearls and a sparkling swarovski bicone and added a brass fan charm with a vintage style lucite flower dangling from the end of it. I mounted this on a 17" antiqued brass twisted rope chain and tied it all together with an antiqued bronze swirly toggle clasp.

When I look at this necklace I can see back in time and there is a woman dressed in a beautiful vintage outfit wearing this necklace and strolling through a Lavender Garden!

Kate's Fairy Garden Party - Decorated Oreos

Kate's Fairy Garden Party - Decorated Oreos

Party Styled by Kim at The TomKat Studio

Decorated Oreos by Sweeties by Kim

Photo courtesy of Vicki Lynn Photography

garden style decorating

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